“We can’t begin to express how happy we are with our hospital. … We have had a steady stream of people, local veterinarians and pet owners alike, asking for tours after having heard from others what an incredible place this is.

… Your ability and willingness to guide us through the process, to problem solve and to coordinate with the architect, various subcontractors and consultants made the entire experience as stress free as it could have been.”

California Veterinarian Specialists

“Your expertise in building animal hospitals really showed It is in the little details that other builders would have missed that let me know I made the right decision.”

“Best of all, you finished the building way ahead of schedule. I had clients anxiously awaiting for me to open and I got started seeing them a month sooner than anticipated.”

Thomas J. Greek, MS, DVM

…”During the design phase, you listened to my needs and worked within my budget to bring a concept to life. This facility is an efficient, comfortable and professional looking veterinary hospital, …

… Overall, this was a rewarding experience and I am glad to have worked with you.”

Matthew Wheaton, DVM

“Our clients frequently tell us how impressed they are with the appearance of our facilities…

…every little detail makes our offices

truly unique and is a tribute to the craftsmanship of Roseen Builders…

… We would love to work with you again”

OC Smile of Mission Viejo

… “has been a success since we opened a little over a year ago. Our clients frequently tell us how impressed they are with the appearance of the facility,

It is a pleasure to show off our facility to our clients.The subcontractors that you used performed quality work, and after a year in our facility, we can really appreciate their craftsmanship.”

Kenneth Kaltoff, DVM

“When making my decision to select a contractor, I sought someone who not only had the experience and expertise in a medical commercial build, butone who could add a creative and residential touch.

Once I reviewed Gregg’s body of work, I knew he was the exact builder for my project”

John T. Eli, DMD, MSD

“After the first location’s battle, it was fate to change locations, everything went so smoothly. I believe the ability to close on the property, demo the site and open a new 16,000 sq. ft. hospital in only 10 months is a true credit to your great supervisory talents.” …

…”I felt that you acted as my agent, always protected my interests and making sure I was pleased and if I wasn’t or the outcome was not what I completely expected you made the changes happen.”

Steve Dunbar, DVM

Your team had the ability and follow through to make the project a reality…

…Thank you again for coming to work in this office”

Martin Writer DDS, MSD

Your team completed this project ahead of schedule and your workmanship was flawless.”

James J. Yoon, PhD

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